Vegetarian and meat alternatives to turkey for your Thanksgiving meal

For many, preparation for Thanksgiving is well underway. Hosts have been assigned, side dishes delegated and ingredient lists drawn up. This year, however, a wrench has been thrown into Turkey Day coordination for even the most proactive planners.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, around 3% of the nation’s turkey supply has already been wiped out by a fast-spreading strain of bird flu. This means for consumers that there are fewer turkeys on grocery shelves and higher prices in a year that has already seen soaring grocery costs due to inflation and ongoing challenges. of the supply chain.

Ordering in advance is a solution to avoid last minute shortages, and if you are attached to this bird, we suggest you pre-order it, illico. But there is another option: give up the turkey altogether.

This may seem drastic to some – after all, isn’t turkey the iconic main dish? But even beyond a devastating outbreak of bird flu, there are plenty of reasons why other dishes deserve showpiece status. For the uninitiated, the sheer size of the turkey, coupled with the time and effort required to cook it, can be daunting, especially if it results in dry, bland meat. For those of us who don’t have large families or large groups of people to celebrate with, it doesn’t always make sense to cook such a big bird. And, of course, vegetarian and vegan diners always appreciate a turkey alternative, and there are plenty of those who make stunning stars of the show.

So whether you’re trying to keep your celebrations more profitable or looking for plant-based main dishes that are just as festive and hearty as their wings. peers, we’ve got a plethora of ideas from our recipe finder that will help you make your best Thanksgiving yet, without the turkey.