Updated price from Ruthin’s auction

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports sales of 1,153 prime lambs at £130 / 279ppk and 241 ewes at £13.

First Lambs (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 1,153 lambs advanced through the day with an average weight of 38.4 kg at an average of 222 ppk.

Corn feed vendors are always rewarded with a bounty with wanted lambs ranging from 245 to 275 ppk.

Highest price:

54kg at £130 by Tomos Davies, Cae Glas.

59kg at £125 by EW Evans, Summer Hill Farm.

58kg at £125 by IH Jones, Tai’n y Waen.

Best price per kilo:

40.5 kg at 279 ppk by Tomos Davies, Cae Glas.

43kg at 276.7ppk by R Owen, Tai Ucha.

34.5 kg at 275.4 ppk by Edwards & Co, Abertwymyn.

Lights at 209.7 ppk, about 199 ppk; Standards at 275.4 ppk, and 223.9 ppk; Medium at 279 ppk, about 223.9 ppk; Heavy at 242.6 ppk, average 228.2 ppk; Changed to 240.7 ppk, 214.1 ppk.

SQQ 222.5ppk; Overall average 222.9pk.

To pre-register or discuss the exchange, please do not hesitate to contact the auction.

Cull Ewe (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Best price ewe: £133 for a cross ewe from TC&O & EC Lloyd, Criccor.

Crusader at £133; Welsh at £78; Texel at £110.

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Ruthin store and livestock sale – September 8

RUTHIN Farmers‘ Auction reports sales of 72 heifers at £1420; 114 steers at £1650; 30 OTM at £2,056.60 / 252ppk; 50 calves at £370; 35 shots at £850; 1595 shop lambs at £95; 1779 breeding ewes at £370; 29 rams at 500gns; a cow and calf at £1,060; and pedigree in Lim calf heifers at £1500.

Stocking Livestock (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A great show of 216 head of cattle and a very busy day in all sections.

Great cattle to choose from and a ring full of buyers to win them over, resulting in great trading throughout.

A tally of 72 heifers topped £1,420 for an 18-month-old Lim from SE Jones, Llaethgwm.

Some other prices:

16 months Char £1400; 15 months Lim £1395; 21 months Char £1290; 24 months BB £1220.

Overall average of £1023.53.

A total of 114 steers in the lead at £1650 for two big heavy 17-month-old BB steers from M Davies, Clwt Grugor and three 23-month-old Lims from WE & RO Pritchard, Ty’n y Caeau.

Some other prices:

16 months Char £1485; 16 months Lim £1460; 19 months Char £1455; 25 months BB £1410.

Overall average of £1164.69.

Lots of cattle required each week to meet demand.

OTM (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A total of 30 barren cows topped at £2056.60 for a Charolais cow weighing 910kg from WG & NE Roberts, Gwern Felin.

The top price per kilo went to T Edwards, Brithdir for a 41 month old Lim (580kg) at 252ppk.

40 months BB-700kg-227ppk; 97 months Char-910kg-226ppk; 97 months AA-735kg-217ppk; 88 months Lim-670kg-216ppk; 76 months AA-740kg-202ppk; 102 months SAX-640kg-192ppk; 41 months CHA-680kg-190ppk; 51 months BB-710kg-190ppk; 72 months SALER-645kg-189ppk; 190 months SAX-690kg-188ppk; 84 months SAX-640kg-188ppk; 115 months SAX-785kg-188ppk; 72 months SAX-660kg-186ppk; 71 months SAX-620kg-186ppk; 71 months SAX-590kg-182ppk.

Overall average £1185.76 / 181.9 ppk.

Cows and Calves (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

WB Second calver with Angus bull at the foot of GI Jones, Geufron sold for £1060.

Pedigree in Lim calf heifers from Gerallt Owen, Bontnewydd sold for £1500.

Rams (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Thursday’s first weekly entry with rams was met with pleasant trading.

Rams must be sold weekly at 1:00 p.m. in the show hall.

Top prize went to Mathew Jones, Glan y Mor at 500gns for a sheepskin Beltex.

Skin turned Lleyn at 300gns; Texel ram lamb at 280gns; Dutch spotted ram lamb at 190gns.

Calves (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Calves in short supply with more expensive exchanges over the week.

Much more needed as recent rainfall boosts buyer confidence.

The top prize of £370 went to Hughes, Shifna Hir Farm.


Male Saler calf £350; BB heifer at £255; Lim calf male at £175; Lim heifer at £150; AAX female calf at £150; BAZ male calf at £95; HFX male calf at £38.

Weanlings (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

The majority of cattle were made up of older dairy types that encountered firm trade.

The top prize of £850 went to Roberts, Ty’n Celyn for 14 month old BB steers.

Other rates:

15 month old BB heifers at £695; 8 months Sim oxen o £745; 10 months Char £700; 4 months of Lim beef at £560.

More requested on a weekly basis.

Shop Ewe (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A total of 1779 breeding ewes advance for an average of £132.76.

Ewes in better condition always sell well, leaner ewes are more difficult to place.

£310 Yearling Pure Char Ewe by A Walker, Primrose Cottage.

£370 Pure Texel Yearling Ewes by Gareth Oliver, Ty’n Clawdd.

£205 Suffolk yearling ewe by G Jones, Bryn Tirion.

Texel x Mule yearling ewe at £195; Yearling Mule Ewe at £138; yearling Aberfield ewes at £165; yearling Dutch spotted ewes at £265; Hardy speckled yearling ewe at £160; 3 and 4 year old crossbred ewes at £135; 3 and 4 year old Texel ewes at £132.

Shop Lambs (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Nearly 1600 lambs in store and still a very satisfying trade, longer term lambs around the day ranging from £45-£65.

Premium and stronger lambs from £78-95.

Top prize went to C Dulson, Bickerton reaching £95 for Dutch ram lambs.

Texel ram lambs at £94; lambs from Texel ewes at £80; Mule ram lambs at £77; Badgerface at £64; Welsh ram lambs at £53; Ram lambs crossed at £87; Crossbred ewe lambs at £62; Suffolk ram lambs at £59; Cheviot ram lambs at £80.50; Ram lambs from Torfaen at £55; Easycare ram lambs at £73; Dutch ram lambs at £95.

Overall average of £58.23.

Ruthin primestock sale – September 6

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports sales of 2,129 prime lambs at £142 / 315.4ppk and 698 ewes at £120.

First Lambs (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A nice trade and a better than expected SSQ of 240ppk on an entry of 2128.

A total of 1182 sharper mids over the week at 243 ppk, closley followed by heavy at 241 ppk.

Fewer standards and lights probably helping the overall average.

Highest price:

Lights (31kg) £76 by AC & MO Jones, Carreg Coediog.

Standards (39kg) £123 by GJ Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro.

Medium (42kg) £125 by Ifan Hughes, Four Crosses.

Heavys (50g) £140 by Mrs FR Jones, Graig.

Overs (60kg) £142 by IH Morris & Son, Penrhewl.

Best price per kilo:

Lights (30.5 kg) 245.9 ppk by DW Wilkinson, Pant Glas.

Standards (39 kg) 315.4 ppk by GJ Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro.

Medium (42kg) 297.6 ppk by Ifan Hughes, Four Crosses.

Heavyweight (50kg) 280ppk by Mrs. FR Jones, Graig.

Overs (55kg) 257.7ppk by Ty Isa, Llanfair DC.

Lights at 245.9 ppk, and 230.6 ppk; Standards at 315.4 ppk, and 227.8 ppk; Medium to 297.6 ppk, average 243.8 ppk; Heavy at 280 ppk, average 241.3 ppk; Dropped to 252.7 ppk from 234.5 ppk.

Overall average 240.3 ppk; SQQ 240.1ppk.

Cull Ewe (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

The most expensive ram went to JN Williamson, Hendre Llan at £118 for a Texel ram.

The most expensive ewe went to Huw Frazer Owen at £120 for a crossbred ewe.

Crusader at £120; Texel at £118; £100 Cheviot; Beltex at £107; Suffolk at £106; Mules at £98; Metis at £87; Beulah at £70; Dorset at £66; Welsh at £66; Aberfield at £66.

Overall average £55.49.