Tateetra prices hit record €8,500

Prices soared to €8,500 at Tateetra and Rathmore Farms’ fourth annual sale, which the farm co-hosted with Carnaross Mart on Friday, September 23.rd2022.

That’s according to farm manager John Kingham, who reported four-star daughter Chocolat D Ochamps, born November 2021, out of a Kilcombe Matilda ET dam, topped the sale.

In his wake, another heifer weaned at €5,600, a Charolais-cross-Limousin of 390 kg, born in January 2022, by Culla Oscar 3 and a Limousin-cross-Belgian-Croix-Bleue mother.

Meanwhile, a Charolais-cross-Limousin born in October 2021 by Culla NSO (ET) and a Limousin-cross-Charolais changed hands for €4,000.

At €3,900, there was a Simmental-crossbreed-Limousin-crossbred born in March 2022 by Thornford Lenny and a Limousin-crossbreed-Simmental.

Then, a daughter of Copperdoor Major, born in January and out of a Charolais-cross-Limousin-cross dam, found a new owner at €3,650.

At €3,000 was a daughter of Creaga Nord (RO) (P) born in November 2021 out of a Belgian-Bleue-Croix-Limousin-Croix mother.

Another daughter of Culla NSO (ET), born in October 2021 out of a Charolais-cross-Simmental-cross dam, raised €3,000.

€2,750 was the price of a Limousin-cross-Charolais-cross born in November 2021 by Ardlea Nemo and a Charolais-cross dam.

“7 lots went from €3,000 to €4,000, while another 11 lots went from €2,000 to €3,000 and 26 lots fell into the €1,500 to €2,000 price range.”

“Our haltered heifers made an average of €2,400,” he added.

Price of weaned/yearling bulls

Leading the €3,800 men’s section was a 625kg Copperdoor Major son born in January 2022 out of a Milbrook Dartangan ET daughter. According to the sales catalog, he has 12.5% ​​Belgian Blue blood, 75% Limousin influence, 9.38% Hereford and 3.13% Unknown.

At €2,580, Chocolat D’Ochamps’ son, born in December 2021 and weighing 380 kg, is out of a Hazard VD Pannemeers cow.

According to the sales catalogue, the Belgian Blue pedigree has a 5-star terminal index and a 4-star replacement rating.

Going under the hammer at €2,000 was a son of Lodge Hamlet, born in January this year to a crossbred Charolais cow. According to the catalog, he has 50% Limousin blood, 37.5% Charolais influence and 12.5% ​​Holstein.

Kingham commented: “Our bull calves averaged £1,690. Batches born in 2022 stabilized at €1,300, while batches born in 2021 averaged €1,590.

“A total of 20 batches were exported overnight. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has purchased and bid on our heifers and bulls, and wish you good luck with them.

“Furthermore, we would like to thank all of our sponsors and suppliers throughout the year for their continued support.”

“To Padraic and everyone at Carnaross Mart for a great job and to everyone who helped in any way with our sale and to the team here at Tateetra.”

“We had a 100% clearance and a maximum price of €8,500 with an overall average of €1,470, with the breed averages outlined below.”

  • BBX / 10 lots / €2,102 / €6.30 per kg;
  • CHX / 22 batches / €1,687 / €4.22 per kg;
  • AAX / 1 batch / €1,500 / €4.83 per kg;
  • SHX / 8 batches / €1337 / €3.34 per kg;
  • SIX / 23 lots / €1,351 / €3.83 per kg;
  • LMX / 109 lots / €1358 / €3.64 per kg.

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