Tanzania: government assures pastoralists to recover their large herds


Simiyu – The MINISTRY of Livestock and Fisheries has started to implement the order of Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa which aims to identify all pastoralists who have won cases but have not yet been able to recover their livestock.

This was stated by the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Mr. Mashimba Ndaki over the weekend, during the meetings which brought together the breeders of Longalambogo and Mwalilo in the districts of Itilima and by Meatu.

He said that the government is currently reviewing all cases and is also visiting areas where livestock have been detained, including areas where pastoralists have won their case in court but their livestock has yet to be restored.

He instructed the district commissioners of Itilima and Meatu to ensure that they send a list of all cases filed by pastoralists in the area and to review them, so that he can submit it to the Prime Minister, who will also submit it to President Samia. Suluhu Hassan for decision.

“I have been instructed by the Prime Minister to send a list of all the pastoralists who have won their case in court but their cattle have not yet been repatriated by various government authorities and this reflects the good intentions of our president sixth phase, Samia Suluhu to bring justice to its citizens, ”he said.

He instructed the district commissioners of the Itilima and Meatu districts to provide the list of files opened by the pastors of the zones, so that he can submit it to his superiors for decision.

“I ask the pastors to be patient as we lead this process and during this time the government is monitoring and identifying the pastoralists whose cattle have been detained,” he said.

For his part, the deputy of Itilima constituency, Mr. Njalu Silanga called on the government to return 280 cattle belonging to pastoralists in the village of Longolambogo, who had won the case.

He said he was ready to table a motion in Parliament to change the regulations prohibiting government officials from taking justice to themselves.


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