Saskatchewan Auction Marts saw another increase in feeder cattle –

The Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture releases the latest livestock marketing report for the week ending November 4.

Here are some important points…….

  • Saskatchewan markets were busy, with Canfax reporting 44,454 head of feeder cattle sold during the week, up 1,701 head from the 42,753 head sold the previous week.
  • Prices for feeder steers and heifers varied in all weight classes during the week compared to prices reported the previous week. Feeder steer prices ranged from $340.00 per cwt for the 300-400 lb weight class to $234.42 per cwt for the 800-900 lb weight class. Feeder heifer prices ranged from $250.86 per cwt for the 300-400 lb weight class to $206.30 per cwt for the 800 lb plus weight class.
  • The price of the nearby November feeder cattle futures contract fell slightly (US$0.050 per cwt) last week from the previous week to settle at US$177.825 per cwt on Friday. Likewise, the
    The December live cattle futures contract was down US$1.350 per hundredweight from the previous week and settled at US$151.650 per hundredweight on Friday.
  • Lethbridge Barley was flat last week at $455.00/tonne.
  • Prime beef cuts (600-900 pounds) prices for the week averaged US$263.74 per cwt, up 1.0% from US$261.19 per cwt the week former. The price of cut beef is 8.6% lower than the same week a year ago, when it averaged US$288.64.
  • There was also a decline in the price of slaughter cows, with D2s averaging $94.60 per hundredweight while the price of D3 slaughter cows fell $4.78 to average $81.79 per hundred weight.