Online listings increase 35% as most young steer and heifer prices trend higher

From Grong Grong, NSW, this line of 80 11-12 month old Henwood Angus steers averaging 351kg fetched 641.6c or $2250/head. Another 80 of their heavier brothers averaging 391kg earned 611c/kg or $2390, while a third line of 36 325kg bottom weight steers earned 667.7c or $2170.

LISTINGS via AuctionsPlus Commercial cattle sales reached 13,097 head this week, up 35% from the previous week, helped by an upward price trend in some steer and heifer categories.

Weanlings and yearlings were the main contributors to the increased supply as sellers became more comfortable with the prices on offer, but they continued to hold back breeding stock.

The early days of spring inspired buyer activity, pushing the average value against reserve to $200/head.

Renewed confidence in the industry, as evidenced by recent bullish selling, has pushed prices in most categories higher this week. Demand was strong in most youth equity categories, easily absorbing the increase in listings.

Buyers continue to be selective on quality and lines for breeding lines, with the average price paid on reserve being $204/head, while clearance rates have moderated to 52% for the sale of Eastern States cattle.

Steer listings jumped across the board, with the average price in three out of five grades rising.

The 200-280kg steer lists rose to 1,489 head, an average of $1,859/head – up 67c/kg or $275 last week, for a clearance of 98pc. From Longreach, West Queensland, a line of 120 Santa Claus steers aged 3-10 months weighing an average of 264kg fetched $1,840/head, or 696c/kg.

Medium steers resumed last week’s falls, when 1248 head of 280-330kg steers averaged 36c/kg or $201 more, at 667c and producing 96pc clearance. From Bingara, NSW, 36 10- to 12-month-old Shorthorn steers averaging 296kg fetched 661 c/kg or $1960-$310 above reserve.

A larger list of 2,123 head of 330-400kg steers fell 19c/kg or $47 after consecutive increases in previous weeks, to average 599c or $2,159/head, at an 88pc release .

From Grong Grong, NSW, a line of 80 11-12 month old Angus steers averaging 351kg fetched 641.6c or $2250/head – $200 more than reserve. Another 80 of their heavier brothers averaging 391kg earned 611c/kg or $2390, while a third line of 36 325kg bottom weight steers earned 667.7c or $2170.

Heavy steers also saw strong demand for the largest list of 1,400 head steers over 400kg, with 94% of lists sold at an average of $2,425 – up 10c/kg or $42 in the past week .

The heifer categories were all painted in green ink this week except for the thick lines, which retreated from strong gains the previous week.

A small supply of lightweight heifers under 200 kg averaged $1,452, up $354 from last week. Lists of 200-280kg heifers rose to 1,008 head, selling at a clearance of 92pc and averaging $1,673/head – up $42 or 29c/kg.

From Wandoan in southern Queensland, 112 6-9 month old Hereford heifers averaging 213kg fetched $1,360/head – $140 more than reserve.

Bids for 280-330kg heifers increased, with 803 head hitting 89pc clearance and rising $66, averaging $2,019/head. From Bombala, NSW, 63 10-12 month old Angus heifers weighing an average of 307kg fetched $2320 or 756c/kg.

More than double the number of 330-400kg heifers on offer from last week was not enough to drive prices down, with the 1172 head hitting a 95pc clearance and averaging $2206, a rise of $7.

From Aramac in West Queensland, a line of 150 Droughtmaster crossbred heifers 12-24 months old averaging 339kg fetched $1780/head – $380 more than reserve.

A significant increase in listings of heifers over 400kg saw prices return to $96, following strong gains in the past week. The 810 head averaged $2490/head and sold at a clearance of 93pc.

breeding cattle

Sellers rebuilding intentions and thoughts of spring growth kept breeding lines on-farm, while selective buying inspired higher prices, but lower clearances. PTIC heifer listings fell to 1386 head, selling at a clearance of 43pc and averaging $2585/head – up $111.

From Mudgee, NSW, 44 24-month-old Angus PTIC heifers averaging 494kg fetched $2,920 to $320 more than reserve.

PTIC cow listings were also down slightly, with the 417 head averaging $209 more to $2785 and 58pc clearance. From Gulargambone, NSW, 14 PTIC Shorthorn cows aged 4-8 averaging 612kg fetched $2930-$700 above reserve.

From Mount Garnier, SA, 25 Angus cows and calves brought in $4,000. The cows were 20 to 24 months old and weighed an average of 405 kg while the Angus calves were 4 to 8 weeks old and weighed an average of 68 kg.

Prices at 2 p.m., Friday, September 2.

Source: AuctionsPlus