How oats can help you save money on ground beef

There are many ways to stretch ingredients. According to Vermont Creamery, making a grocery list, planning meals, stocking the pantry and stretching your protein are all ways to make your food shopping count. When it comes to stretching protein, substitution and smaller portions are key. This principle applies to adding oats to your ground beef. According to WebMD, adding a half to a cup of cooked oats to your small serving of dark meat will increase the overall serving size. Since oats tend to be rather bland on their own, they will soak up the flavors in the pan, causing them to almost disappear in the larger meal.

There are also health benefits to consider. Healthfully states that “cutting beef with oats also results in a lower calorie dish with less saturated fat per serving.” Steel cut oats, unlike rolled oats, have a lower glycemic index, which helps stabilize blood sugar. There’s also the most, as WebMD reports, of added fiber, protein, and minerals, and a great breadcrumb substitution for those who eat gluten-free. All in all, a great substitute for your health and your wallet. Be sure to check out this tip on adding oats to your meatballs for more inspiration.