Canada’s annual inflation rate slows but remains above Bank of Canada target

[ad_1] OTTAWA, July 28 (Reuters) – Canada’s inflation rate slowed more than expected in June, after hitting a decade-long high in May as the costs of food, transportation and clothing fell, according to data released Wednesday, but some analysts felt it might only be a brief reprieve. Inflation fell to 3.1% in June from 3.6% […]

Top Reasons for Raising Cattle – Resident Press

[ad_1] Raising livestock can be very beneficial to the environment if done correctly. Having the necessary tools and knowledge can dramatically increase livestock yields and the ecosystem needed to support them. Here are the top reasons for raising livestock for a healthy, self-sufficient farm. Your farm and your livestock can work together If you plan […]

CSM and Hydrus team up to switch from offshore wind support vessels to hybrid propulsion

[ad_1] CSM Energy, part of the Columbia Group, and Hydrus Engineering have entered into a partnership to assess and modernize Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) working in the offshore wind industry to transform them into hybrid vessels powered by both battery and solar power. fuel. “The offshore wind market is driven by the shift away from […]

Breeders, hay producers hit hard by drought and heat | New

[ad_1] In the foothills of the Blue Mountains, just down the road from Weston, Oregon, rancher Cheryl Costner observed the mountain range where her feed became brittle and dry in the ongoing drought. Pastoralists across the west with little viable pasture for their livestock are turning to hay markets to supplement their diets, pushing up […]

Challenging Year to Year: Pork Producers Facing Impact of Drought After Pandemic Challenges on Industry

[ad_1] HURLEY, SD (KELO) – As if the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t weighed enough on the pork industry, producers are now facing challenges posed by drought. Last year there weren’t enough workers to work at the slaughterhouse because of the pandemic. “In my lifetime, I never thought we would see something like this,” said Steve Schmeichel, […]

Alberta’s crop insurance program adjusted to allow farmers to harvest early for livestock feed

[ad_1] Alberta government officials are working with their counterparts in Ottawa to make changes to the crop insurance program to help farmers cope with the hot, dry conditions that have devastated operations across the province. The low yield threshold will be doubled to allow farmers to use more low-quality crops for livestock feed, helping alleviate […]

American ingenuity leads the way

[ad_1] With the intensifying drought conditions in the American West, Southwest and Northern Plains, AFBF designed and distributed a survey to assess the impact of drought on farms and ranches. This Intel Market, the first in a series of articles focusing on drought, summarizes the results of our survey. Upcoming articles in the series will […]

COVID-19 has revealed price gaps between farmers and packers

[ad_1] Dale Oeschger took care of his first cow when he was only 9 years old. That was almost 60 years ago, but unlike some of his peers, Oeschger never left the breeding business. In his decades of experience, as a beef producer in Bay Port and chairman of the Michigan Beef Industry Commission, Oeschger […]

Opinion: New USDA Rules Give More Bargaining Power to Mid-Size Livestock Farms | Main edition

[ad_1] On July 9, President Biden signed an executive order to strengthen protections for farmers, ordering the USDA to enact new rules aimed at ending the exploitation of ranchers by corporate giants and increasing opportunities for farmers to access markets at fair prices and to reach consumers through farmers. markets and other alternative distribution channels. […]

Ocean agriculture start-up Sea6 Energy raises $ 9 million in funding

[ad_1] BENGALURU: Bengaluru-based ocean agriculture start-up Sea6 Energy said on Wednesday it had raised $ 9 million under its Series B funding round led by Dutch aquaculture fund Aqua-Spark. Singapore-based Silverstrand Capital also participated in this cycle. According to the company, the new funds will help finance additional SeaCombine systems to increase the supply of […]

Chipotle posts highest profit margins since 2015

[ad_1] Photo: Shutterstock Chipotle Mexican Grill on Tuesday announced its highest profit margins since 2015. Restaurant-level operating margins were 24.5% for the second quarter ended June 30 – the highest for Chipotle since it was hit by a food security crisis six years ago – and a increase from 12.2% for the same period a […]

2021 Ohio State Fair opens to exhibitors of cattle, but no public

[ad_1] The Taft Coliseum at the Ohio Expo Center was fairly quiet Monday afternoon. Only a few handfuls of spectators were scattered around the arena – which can seat thousands – where they saw a girl ride in a horse-drawn carriage around the dirt-covered ring, a white horse leading the way. This year, the junior […]

CHEDA grants $ 100,000 loan to Boll’s Northstar Lime, LLC

[ad_1] The board of directors of the Crookston Housing and Economic Development Authority on Tuesday approved a $ 100,000 loan to Crookston rural farmer Bryan Boll and his new business, Northstar Lime, LLC. The business will be housed in the old Simplot building on the southern edge of Crookston, which Boll has purchased. Northstar Lime, […]

Weekly recaps of fed cattle and boxed beef for the week ending July 17, 2021

[ad_1] Ed Czerwien, CZ Cattle Market Analytics analyst in Amarillo, TX, provides the following feeder and boxed beef recaps for the week ending July 17, 2021. Summary of fed cattle: Feedlot cattle trade for the WE July 17 was mostly flat at 1 higher and spot sales volume was lower than the previous week. Sales […]

Farmer regeneration tool for cattle grazing

Fire is a tool that breeders should use wisely and with caution, argues Craig morris, principal investigator at Agricultural Research Council – Animal Production. He is researching the ecology of mesic grasslands in South Africa and how these grasslands could provide sustainable grazing for livestock while improving their biodiversity. Fire is an ancient natural force […]

How to put data to work for farmers

[ad_1] Has Farmers Business Network found the holy grail of putting data to work for farmers? There is the power of numbers. This is something humanity has always been well aware of. For millennia, members of various groups have shared their knowledge or otherwise contributed to a group effort, and then shared the resulting benefits […]

Weaned babies exceed 3 € / kg in a context of “incredible” demand

[ad_1] Prices for weaned animals exceeded € 3 / kg at the latest sales in the southwest, as the current dynamism of the cattle business was reflected in a fiery trade for first-class animals. The demand for quality weaned sires has been described as “incredible”, with intense competition for the best continental weaned bulls and […]

E. Oregon Wolf Pack Attacks Sheep in Mount Emily Area | Livestock

LA GRANDE, Oregon – Nine confirmed attacks on lambs have been attributed to the Ukiah pack on private land eight miles south of Meacham. According to a report from the Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, a Kamela-area sheep farmer on Mount Emily on July 4 informed a ranch worker that sheep had scattered around. […]

Investment and debt: How did Irish farmers fare in 2020?

[ad_1] Changes in Irish farmers’ investments and debt over the past year have been revealed in the preliminary results of the Teagasc National Farms Survey for 2020. The survey results were released this morning (Monday July 19), showing a general increase in farm incomes for the past year. The results offer a glimpse into the […]

Jefferis Family Elrose Stud’s Record Brahmin Sale of $ 6.4 Million Big News for the Cattle Industry

[ad_1] After 110 years in one place, the Jefferis family sold their land and much of their livestock, setting a new record. Key points: A Brahman stud sale in central Queensland broke the record for the most lucrative single seller auction of stud cattle in Australia. The sale will have major implications for the industry, […]

A 4-H cattle show and sale helping to prepare future generations of Montana farmers

GRANDES FALLS, Mont. – 4-H clubs are one of the largest youth development organizations in the country to help empower young people. The Cascade County Livestock Show and Sale plays a crucial role in helping the next generation of Montana farmers and ranchers on the path to success. Head, heart, hands and health are the […]

ND Innovation Acceleration Day event scheduled for July 22

[ad_1] HORACE, ND – Grand Farm and Emerging Prairie will host North Dakota Innovation Acceleration Day activities at the Grand Farm Innovation Site, 2549 124th Ave. S. near Horace. The event will begin at 11 a.m. with Bobcat Company’s Bobcat innovation team showcasing recent innovations in advanced machine controls, remote control capabilities and machine autonomy. […]

What can you expect from the president’s pressure for more competition, antitrust? | Notice

[ad_1] President Joe Biden recently signed a sweeping executive order that aims to combat consolidation across the economy and places particular emphasis on steps the U.S. Department of Agriculture could take to combat the meat industry and antitrust law enforcement. The order includes 72 initiatives under 12 different agencies. However, his administration still has a […]

Where does your beef come from? Biden Order Seeks To Boost U.S. Breeders, Clarify For Consumers

[ad_1] WASHINGTON – Where was your hamburger born? The meat for your bun could come from a cow raised on a Kansas farm. Or it could be from Australia, Canada, or a handful of other countries. Either way, you might find it in the grocery store labeled as a “product of the United States” if […]

Crawford County Fair begins Monday with all-day cattle shows

BUCYRUS – Harper Horning smiled as she walked one of her family’s lambs through the front yard of their home. The 9-year-old honed her performing skills ahead of the Crawford County Fair 2021. “This is my first year,” Harper said. She was excited because she was due to start her first sheep show at the […]

Biden promises a fairer food system

[ad_1] * with Tori Oto, Summer Legal Fellow Over the decades, lax enforcement of antitrust laws has exacerbated consolidation, which has left control of the vast majority of our food system in the hands of very few, increasingly powerful corporations. The environment, local economies and public health all suffer. Two very recent actions indicate that […]

Keller and Virginia officials discuss ways to improve veterans services

[ad_1] WILKES-BARRE – In response to growing concerns over lack of access to records and essential benefits of military service, U.S. Representative Fred Keller this week hosted a roundtable with local Veterans Affairs (VA) officials to highlight his legislative efforts and identify avenues for further cooperation to improve the quality and accessibility of services for […]

Farmers in a pickle with unsold livestock Blame pandemic for low demand

[ad_1] Blame the pandemic for weak demand Nearly 70,000 farmers fattened a total of 38.58 lakh of cattle, including bulls, for this year’s festival, according to data from the Department of Livestock Services. Photo: Amran Hossain “> Nearly 70,000 farmers fattened a total of 38.58 lakh of cattle, including bulls, for this year’s festival, according […]

Reader’s Comment: Cattle Guard Dogs have a job to do – please leave them in the field | Chroniclers

“It’s the fine line over there, we’ve had dogs that go both ways,” says Peterson. “We’ve had dogs that we don’t handle enough, and we’ve had dogs that go out with the sheep, and in the fall they’re pretty much wild. You can’t catch them. “I grew up here on the ranch, I grew up […]

Serious fun! Return of the 2021 A&F Challenge

[ad_1] Based in central Ohio, Abercrombie & Fitch Co. recently announced the resurgence of its annual festival and fundraising event, the A&F Challenge, after being suspended amid a COVID-19 pandemic last summer. Did. Challenge supports Serious Fun Children’s Network, a global community of 30 camps and programs that still provide free services to critically ill […]

Beef outlook suggests prices may remain firm

[ad_1] Farm-gate beef prices appear to remain high in the short term, according to the Welsh meat promotion organization Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC). The latest HCC report – Beef Supply – Update and Outlook 2021 suggests that the supply of premium cattle is likely to remain limited. Defra’s production figures for June show slaughter of […]

Poultry Weekly Recap: Import Demand From China Drags Global Production Forecast Down

USDA Announces Decline in Chicken Meat Production, Revises Forecast The US Department of Agriculture said this week in its monthly supply and demand report that global chicken meat production for 2021 is revised down 1% from April to 101.0 million tonnes. , due to a sharp drop in China. USDA’s monthly supply and demand report […]

Pangea Ventures helps Ghanaian product exporter Maphlix Secure

[ad_1] The Maphlix team in the field ** The loan from AV Ventures enables the West African agricultural SME to modernize production and distribution systems in order to improve operational efficiency and reduce post-harvest losses. ** The expected tripling of the volume of products from its subcontractor network of nearly 200 small farmers improves the […]

Everything you need to know about ransomware

[ad_1] Hackers continue to target the United States – disrupting gas supplies, food production, and even the government. The Ministry of Justice has called 2020 “the worst year of my life”Due to the increase in the number of cyber attacks. A cybersecurity company has registered 65,000 ransomware attacks in the United States. And a study […]

Anthrax, grasshoppers and dying clams show North American heat balance

[ad_1] By Marcy Nicholson and Michael Hirtzer Swarms of hungry grasshoppers leave little food for grazing livestock, seashells cook in coastal waters, chicks fall from trees, and dormant anthrax wakes up to threaten sheep. Such calamities are the result of a record-breaking heat wave and drought that hit western North America over the past month, […]

Producers benefit as beef prices continue to strengthen

[ad_1] Beef prices continue to tighten in factories at a rate that has rarely happened before as the season approaches mid-July. Prices in most categories improved by up to 5 cents / kg at plants this week in a market driven by demand for tight supplies of finished cattle. It is customary for the beef […]

Livestock Surveillance Market Trends, Size by Region 2021, Key Company Profiles with CAGR Estimates, Key Segments, Business Revenue, Impact of COVID-19 Analysis and Strategies by 2027

“(India, Maharashtra, Pune) “Report Covers Detailed Analysis of Pre and Post COVID-19 Impact on Livestock Surveillance Market This report determines the global Livestock Monitoring market size on the basis of capacity, value, production and consumption data in the region such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific , Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. This […]

EYCI’s meteoric “almost vertical” rise continues, with 1000c / kg in sight

[ad_1] The Eastern Young Cattle indicator continues its almost vertical climb towards the magic barrier of 1000c / kg this week, hitting a new high of 988.11c / kg (clothed weight equivalent) yesterday. In what constitutes the most extraordinary rally in the history of the indicator in 25 years, the EYCI has risen by almost […]

Observations on the agricultural economy – July 2021 • Farm Policy News

[ad_1] On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve released its July 2021 Beige Book update, a summary of comments on current economic conditions by the Federal Reserve District. The report included several observations regarding the American agricultural economy. Chart of Fed Districts from “The Beige Book”. * Sixth District – Atlanta– “Agricultural conditions remained mixed. Widespread rains […]

Breeding programs to merge, get 9,800 crore over 5 years

“This aims to make breeding more profitable for the 10 crore farmers who engage in it” The central government will spend 9,800 crore yen on livestock development over the next five years with the aim of mobilizing nearly 55,000 crore of foreign investment in the sector, the Cabinet Committee decided on Wednesday on economic affairs […]

Commissioning of the first wind farm in El Salvador

[ad_1] Energy developer Tracia Network Corporation commissioned El Salvador’s first wind farm – the 54MW Ventus – Los Vientos de Metapán Ventus – Los Vientos de Metapán (54MW) DownDepartment of Santa Ana, El Salvador, Central and South America Click to see all the details project located in Metapán, at the northern tip of the Central […]

Superior Livestock Week Rocky Mountain Auction Market Report | Livestock

[ad_1] Superior Livestock Auction held its Week In The Rockies video auction live from the Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado. Cattle producers offered 188,360 head of calves, yearlings and breeders from 27 states for this auction. The cattle have been sold under contract for immediate delivery until the end of March 2022. Superior Livestock was […]

USDA adjusts 2021-22 milk production outlook, lowers price projections

[ad_1] USDA’s latest World Ag Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, released on July 12, reduced milk production forecast slightly for 2021, but increased production expected in 2022. Price projections have been reduced for both years. For 2021, the USDA projects milk production of 228.2 billion pounds, down 300 million pounds from last month’s estimate […]

Animal husbandry is an important part of Virginia agriculture. But there are fewer and fewer veterinarians for farm animals. | New

“There was just no one in the county,” said Ivan Davis, cattle breeder and chairman of the Buckingham Farm Bureau. And, “when you need a vet, you need a vet.” Today, Buckingham is doing better, with several firms in operation. But other areas around Virginia weren’t so lucky. This year, four Commonwealth regions covering 22 […]

Three entrepreneurs in Botswana, Zambia and Malawi beat over 1,000 applicants to win prestigious SEED award

[ad_1] A Botswana company that trains farmers to use bees to prevent elephants from destroying their farms, a Zambian company that promotes sustainable beekeeping and a Malawian start-up that turns leftovers into cooking gas won the award PLANT Prize for climate adaptation (PLANT Price) ( PLANT was founded as part of a global partnership between […]

Meat packers and cattle ranchers oppose fixed price costume

[ad_1] Law360 (July 12, 2021, 8:13 p.m. EDT) – Tyson Foods Inc., Cargill Inc. and other meat packers on Monday urged a Minnesota federal judge to dismiss three amended lawsuits accusing them of conspiracy to lower the prices of beef, arguing that ranchers have failed to correct various flaws the court highlighted last year when […]

Market transparency issues – GREAT BEND TRIBUNE

[ad_1] It’s an unusual summer in Kansas. As we head into mid-July, the wet soil conditions indicate no drought and only irregular abnormally dry conditions. Even the maize crop is rated almost 70 percent good to excellent. The six to ten day outlook (July 12 to July 16) indicates normal to slightly below normal temperatures […]

New Livestock Industry Award Honors Industry Legend

A new award has been announced in recognition of one of the most influential figures in the livestock industry, who sadly passed away in 2019 following an agricultural accident. This year, the Borderway Agri-Expo will present its winter cattle event with the David Thomlinson Lifetime Achievement Award. The award aims to recognize a passionate breeder […]

HAPPENIN ‘OTSEGO: 4-H Junior Livestock Show 07-11-21

HAPPENIN ‘OTSEGO for SUNDAY, JULY 11 4-H Junior Livestock Show LIVESTOCK SHOW – 7 am – 7 pm 4-H youth present the animals they have been raising to show. Today will be the shows for Dairy Goats and Sheep (10 am), and Meat Goats (2 pm). Iroquois Farm Showgrounds, 1659 Co. Hwy. 33, Cooperstown. Visit […]

Egypt obtains $ 486 million to implement 17 projects supporting food security

[ad_1] Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation said ongoing funding from multilateral and bilateral development partners amounting to $ 486 million has been allocated to 17 projects. These projects are taking place in 22 sites nationwide and aim to support Egypt’s strategy to achieve Goal 2 of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to […]

Weidman area restaurant to serve farm-to-table beef – The Morning Sun

[ad_1] Adam Snider was disappointed to learn that the property on the southeast corner of Baseline and Coldwater Roads had been sold to Dollar General. The building that stands above it once housed a bar he visited and the building is only 18 years old. It was a mess of a beautiful building, he said. […]

Drought sends North Dakota ranchers flock to sell cattle

[ad_1] RUGBY, ND (AP) – Trailer after trailer of cattle unloaded for Rugby’s cattle auction as buyers and sellers sat in the barn to negotiate prices for cow-calf pairs. “It shouldn’t be happening at this time of year,” said a local breeder. Auctioneer Mike Ostrem presented a group of young cattle to the crowd. “This […]

The fire grows; at 24,525 acres, reaching 395 US

This story does not require a subscription as it deals with a public safety issue. Remember to subscribe to support our press room. 4:31 p.m .: Evacuations ordered for areas of Rancho Haven, Flanagan Flats Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District ordered the evacuation of wildfires in the Rancho Haven and Flanagan Flats areas on Friday […]

Fort Myers Incentives Sought For Downtown Apartment Community Of 274 Units

[ad_1] Former Fort Myers United Methodist Church site, which held its last service just over five years ago, could be the site of a 274-unit downtown apartment complex project with the help of municipal tax incentives. First Street Apartments is offered by Zimmer Construction, which is currently building a large apartment complex in Cape Coral […]

Pinedale roundup | Hay prices are a problem for pastoralists

[ad_1] BUFFALO – The constantly worsening drought and soaring hay prices in Wyoming are causing problems for livestock owners’ portfolios and their ability to maintain full herds. “I hear people say, ‘We’re just not going to have the grass there to keep our cattle on the course, and if we bring them in sooner we’ll […]

Summit Lake Livestock converts barns for livestock production

The two started out by purchasing day-old Holstein bottle calves and as the business grew they renovated several vacant pigsties on the site of an uncle’s farm, added two hoop barns. on this same site and built two more hoop barns on the farm where they grew up on top. Today, Summit Lake Livestock continues […]

Blended finance has the potential to close the climate finance gap

[ad_1] Green finance finally has its time. 491 billion dollars of sustainable bonds were issued in 2020, against 200 billion dollars in 2018, reported by Environmental Finance. On June 5, 2021, the The G7 is committed to increase funding for climate change adaptation and nature-based solutions and called on multilateral development banks and the private […]

Biz buzz: family beef business owners see greener pastures after turbulent year

[ad_1] Paige Nelson, left, and Rick Miller are siblings and co-owners of ML Brand Beef, a St. Anthony-based direct-to-consumer beef business. They sell premium and premium Black Angus beef on their website. See how the beef is harvested in the video player above. | Rett Nelson, Do you want to know what’s going on […]

Cattle farming offers some breathing space amid Covid fallout

[ad_1] Arshad Uddin fell into a deep crisis when his withdrawal business in Dhaka worsened shortly after the coronavirus outbreak began in March of last year. After completing his HSC in 1995, Uddin joined an indentation company in the capital in early 1996 before setting up his own practice in 2020. For all the latest […]

Lowell Farms celebrates highest quarterly harvest on record

[ad_1] SALINAS, Calif., July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Lowell Farms Inc. (CSE: LOWL; OTCQX: LOWLF), a vertically integrated cannabis company with advanced production capabilities supporting every step of the supply chain including cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, branded sales , Marketing and Distribution, celebrated record quarter crop yields when it released its preliminary June crop report. […]

Checkoff Sponsored Webinar Focuses on Beef as First Food | Livestock

The Kansas Beef Council partnered with the Kansas WIC program last month for a webinar focused on beef as a first food. Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RDN, registered dietitian and author who blogs at Real Mom Nutrition, presented the webinar to 75 dietitians, registered nurses and nutrition educators. Courtesy photo. The presentation focused on the things […]

Widespread growth in demand drives US beef exports to record highs

[ad_1] POWERED by impressive growth in a wide range of destinations, the value and volume of US beef exports broke previous monthly records in May, according to data released yesterday by the US Department of Agriculture. While May’s beef exports were expected to far exceed last year’s low totals, export volume reached a record 133,440 […]

Breeders will be protected from unfair practices under the US regime

[ad_1] OMAHA, Neb. – The Biden administration plans to issue a new rule to protect the rights of farmers who raise cows, chickens and pigs against the country’s largest meat processors as part of a plan to encourage greater competition in the agricultural sector. The new rule that will make it easier for farmers to […]

Drought forces Utah farmers and ranchers to struggle to water crops and feed livestock

SPANISH FORK – Farmers and ranchers in Utah are struggling to water their crops and feed their livestock with the ongoing drought conditions in the state. Utah Agricultural Bureau president Ron Gibson said it best in an interview with CBS News last month. “When agriculture is gone, then our ability to produce food is gone,” […]

Broiler cows and large cattle lead the way as the market remains buoyant

[ad_1] The battle for meat cows and heavy cattle is still the main story in the markets, as competition between plant agents and northern buyers continues to set the trade ablaze. he general consensus in the industry is that farmers are making sure of their money by bringing large cattle and cows to markets right […]

Reducing Herds Due to Drought, Pastoralists Continue to Believe | New

[ad_1] The Western Stockman’s Market cattle auction in McFarland has been doing well lately. Too good. Local ranchers have brought in so many beef cattle since March that sales have fallen from a quarter to a third this year. The manager blames the drought. “This year has not been this grassy year,” said CEO Justin […]

The strength of the middleman lobby reflects the agitation of the farmers in the 7th month

[ad_1] Although the Supreme Court has put agricultural laws on hold, how a farmer earning Rs. 8,059 per month, spending Rs. 6,646 per month, with daily spending of Rs. 221 in India, continue the unrest not for days , not for weeks, but for months? Does the Samyukt Kisan Morcha observe the 7the months of […]

Dairy farming in Japan – The Cattle Site

[ad_1] New Dairy farming in Japan July 05, 2021 My name is Hiroyuki Uchihori; I work for Zen-noh, a Japanese agricultural cooperative and have been stationed at the Miner Institute as a Zen-noh representative for almost two years. The following article first appeared in The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute Farm Report and is […]

Farmers and ranchers credited for low cost of July 4 Missouri BBQs (AUDIO)

[ad_1] The July 4 Missouri culinary events will be cheaper than any of the country’s four largest regions, according to the state’s largest general agricultural organization. Image courtesy of the Missouri Farm Bureau The Missouri Farm Bureau says the average cost of a July 4th barbecue for ten people in Missouri will be $ 56.83, […]

Livestock fair wins auction despite purchase bans

Betsy Hoen with her Grand Champion Dairy Steer at the Bartholomew 4-H Fair County Cattle Auction, Saturday July 3, 2021 Carla Clark | For the RepublicMost people wouldn’t think of bidding on an auction knowing that they are likely to get nothing for their money. But that’s what more than 100 bidders were told on […]

Elk Grove Mayor backs Arlington Heights to secure Bears Stadium deal

[ad_1] The mayor of the suburban town where the Chicago Bears last explored the move says Arlington Heights officials should ‘think big’ and strike the deal for the NFL franchise to finally move to Arlington Park. Craig Johnson, the longest-serving mayor of Elk Grove Village, had barely been in office for a few months in […]

ShopRite Sewell announces recall of store-bought ground beef

[ad_1] WASHINGTON TWP. – A local supermarket has recalled ground beef sold the day before the weekend of July 4. ShopRite of Sewell said all ground beef made and sold in stores on Friday, July 2 “may contain small shards of metal due to an issue with the grinder.” The voluntary recall covers all store-made […]

Pastoralists cut cattle herds as drought reduces pastures and fodder supplies

[ad_1] The cattle auction sells 800 to 1,000 head of cattle per week, more than double the number it sold twice a month before the drought. “We’re tapping into a huge area: I-94 to the Canadian border and from Minot to the (Red) River,” said Jim Ziegler, owner of Lake Region Livestock Co. Cattle are […]

County Fair Farming Connects Production Agriculture to Consumers

As we first laughed at the situation, he started to sink into the fact that there is a problem that needs to be resolved. We had hoped that another seven to ten 4-H families would exhibit beef at the county fair, but that didn’t work for some families. There were several other families who brought […]

The opening of the sugar industry to displace thousands of agricultural workers

[ad_1] FILE PHOTO: Workers at Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac rest for noon after a hard day’s work harvesting sugar cane. (File photo by Chantal Eco / Bulatlat) By DAWN CECILIA PEÑAAdditional research and graphics by Gabryelle MANILA – Farmer groups have denounced the possible displacement of thousands of agricultural workers due to the planned […]

Australia’s beef real estate market is hot, with wealthy advertisers like Gina Rinehart taking advantage

[ad_1] Record cattle prices, low interest rates and good seasonal conditions have fueled a real estate boom in the northern Australian beef sector with some top names poised to take a profit. Key points: Record prices are paid for northern breeding stations Farmland values ​​are on the rise across Australia, with median price per hectare […]

Cattle compete with grasshoppers for food in the West’s historic drought. The bugs win.

[ad_1] About 93% of the West is experiencing some level of drought this week, and a strange impact of this pernicious drought is the explosion of the grasshopper population. The grasshoppers have devoured so much vegetation that many pastoralists fear the ranges will be bare. A 2021 US Department of Agriculture locust hazard map shows […]

Mainstream’s 1.35 GW wind and solar platform in Chile now fully funded

[ad_1] July 2 (Renewables Now) – Mainstream Renewable Power has completed funding for the third and final phase of its 1.35 GW Andes Renovables wind and solar platform in Chile, the Irish developer said Thursday. The third phase, called Copihue, consists of a wind farm project, the 148.5 MW Caman. Caman was originally designed for […]

What can walkers do to avoid the dangers of farm livestock?

Hikers and farmers must take action to keep people and livestock safe during an expected wave of visitors to the countryside this summer, insurance experts have warned. The trend of more country walking is expected to continue after the lockdown. Government figures show that last summer 39% of people walked more than before the pandemic […]

Hot dogs, watermelon and other barbecue foods now have very high prices, thanks to inflation

[ad_1] © Unsplash / Unsplash In May, consumer prices in the United States rose 5% from a year earlier, the highest annual inflation rate in more than a dozen years. There are many contributing factors, but two stand out above the rest – fuel and labor have been in short supply and in high demand […]

Animal rescue organization urges residents to take pets and livestock with them amid Taal volcano unrest

PetA Rescue Dogs Animal Rescuers of Taal Volcanic Island January 28, 2020 ( Christopher Toledo) A non-governmental organization dedicated to animal rescue initiatives has called on owners of pets and livestock to refrain from leaving them behind amid the ongoing unrest in Taal volcano. Animal kingdom foundation (AKF) said on Thursday that residents of high-risk […]

Partners launch water quality infrastructure project in central Iowa

[ad_1] Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig recently joined state and federal government agencies, Polk County officials, conservation contractors and local landowners to launch the Central Iowa Water Quality Infrastructure Project. The Unique Water Quality Project creates a new framework to streamline and scale up the adoption of saturated buffers and denitrifying bioreactors in Polk […]

Rugby Cattle Auction Sees Flock of Cattle | News, Sports, Jobs

[ad_1] Sue Sitter / PCT A sign at the entrance to the rugby cattle auction encourages devastated ranchers. Trailer after trailer of cattle unloaded for the rugby cattle auction on June 28 as buyers and sellers sat in the barn to negotiate prices for the cow-calf pairs. “It shouldn’t happen at this time of year”, […]