Organic consumption: Sales increase in 2017

“Green” products are very expensive

"Green" products are very expensive

The organic sector is doing well, the proof, the sale of food products certified Organic Agriculture (AB) has again jumped 20% in France in 2016. This figure proves that consumers are more and more eager to get products “nature”, it represents 7 billion euros. Some brands even announce higher figures, with a 25% increase in their turnover , like the cooperative Biocoop, which it reached 950 million euros. As for traditional supermarkets, they also offer AB-branded entire shelves in their own brand, as the market explodes. However, prices remain excessively high , according to a study by the specialized magazine Linéaires. Organic products would be sold 64% more expensive than conventional products for several reasons. The first is the rate of return, which is lower for a plantation where fertilizers and pesticides are minimized. For example, one hectare of wheat gives 3 tons of cereal harvest, against 6 tons for a non-organic field. Ditto for milk which is 30% more expensive, leaded by industrial costs that are not yet lightened by the volume of production sector.

Consumers still motivated

Consumers still motivated

The motivation of consumers of organic products is above all health, because they wish to remain in good health while managing their budget according to their purchasing power. Studies show that AB has a health asset. But spending so much on healthy food is not always worth it, especially for fruits and vegetables. If for strawberries and apples consuming organic is useful because of the many pesticides they can contain, this is not valid for all. For example, the kiwifruit does not absorb chemicals, and in this case consuming conventional is much less expensive.

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